Best Travel eSIM for Australia [Top Picks 2024]

Hand-picked guide to the best prepaid eSIM options for you to stay connected in Australia.

Best Travel eSIM for Australia [Top Picks 2024]

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For those heading to Down Under, whether for a holiday or work purposes, having reliable internet connectivity is crucial while traveling, and eSIMs offer one of the best ways to achieve this in Australia (and the rest of the world too).

These digital SIM are gaining popularity for their convenience and efficiency, eliminating the hassle of physical SIMs. For a deeper dive into why eSIMs are becoming a go-to choice for travelers and how easy it is to use one, we have another article that you might want to check out too.

Choosing the right eSIM can make a big difference, but with so many options out there, it can feel tricky. That's exactly why we've curated a selection of top-rated travel eSIM options tailored for Australia.

Hope this article helps you pick the perfect eSIM for your journey Down Under!

Note: The eSIMs featured here are hand-picked from over 50 providers listed on eSIMDB - the world's largest database of travel eSIMs. You can find the list of travel eSIMs and data plans for Australia from the link below.

Compare eSIM for Australia - Find the best prepaid data plans for travelers
Explore the world’s No.1 database of Australia eSIM. Compare 40+ providers to find the best tourist plans, filtering by price, GB data, duration, and customer reviews!

Australian Mobile Networks Overview

When it comes to mobile networks in Australia, there are three main players / operators: Telstra, Optus, and Vodafone.


As Australia's largest mobile operator, Telstra boasts extensive nationwide coverage reaching even some of the most remote areas. Their 4G network covers 99.5% of the population. For the latest 5G technology, Telstra leads with 85% population coverage as of 2023, though 5G is still not as widely deployed as 4G (across all providers).


Optus (a.k.a. Singtel Optus) is a strong second to Telstra in terms of market share and coverage. Its 4G network covers 98.5% of the population as of 2023. While Optus' 5G rollout is progressing, the 5G population coverage is still being expanded across the country. Optus provides robust 4G coverage in major metropolitan areas as well as many regional centers.

Due to its wide reach and competitive pricing, many eSIM providers partner with Optus. So they are often the network you'll get connected to when using a travel eSIM in Australia.


Among the top three mobile operators in Australia, Vodafone stands out as the smallest. But still, Vodafone offers reliable 4G and 5G coverage in cities and suburban areas across the country. If you're planning to explore mainly metropolitan areas during your visit to Australia, you'll find that Vodafone's network coverage meets your needs well. However, keep in mind that coverage may become sporadic in rural or remote areas compared to Telstra and Optus.

For expansive coverage in remote areas, Telstra might be the best option, whereas Optus and Vodafone should serve well for those staying within city limits or major tourist spots. It's recommended to check their coverage map if you are visiting outback, etc.


Truphone is one of the pioneering providers in the travel eSIM market, having made a name for itself as an official connectivity partner for Apple's iPad.

Truphone home page

Their services are accessible exclusively through their mobile app (iOS & Android). While the app’s UI/UX is basic, it serves its purpose, allowing users to install an eSIM, buy their data plans, and manage data usage / balance.

Data Plans for Australia

Truphone's Australia plans particularly attractive for data-heavy users, offering one of the lowest prices per GB on the market. Below is a breakdown of their offerings:

Plan Data Volume Validity Price Price/GB
1GB Plan 1GB 1 day $2 $2.00
3GB Plan 3GB 30 days $6 $2.00
7GB Plan 7GB 30 days $9 $1.29
12GB Plan 12GB 30 days $14 $1.17
20GB Plan 20GB 30 days $18 $0.90
50GB Plan 50GB 30 days $25 $0.50
100GB Plan 100GB 30 days $32 $0.32

*The prices are accurate as of this writing. Please visit Truphone's official website for the up-to-date information.

An additional 10% discount is available with the promo code "ESIMDB10", making these plans even more affordable.

The value becomes particularly notable for plans above 20GB of data, where the price per GB is impressively low, as low as a whopping $0.32/GB.

Plans for Australia - Truphone

*It's worth mentioning that pricing may vary slightly depending on the currency selected in your account.


Truphone stands out for its great prices and large GB plans. However, while the app does what it needs to, it's not the slickest tool in the shed and might take a bit of getting used to. That said, if you’re looking for a budget-friendly way to stay connected in Australia, Truphone is definitely worth considering.

And don't forget to use the discount code "ESIMDB10" when you do try them out 😉.


When it comes to well-rounded travel eSIM services, GlobaleSIM stands out as a provider known for offering great coverage + great pricing.

Purchasing an eSIM from their website is straightforward, and they offer the convenience of voice add-on options, enhancing their appeal to a broad range of users.

GlobaleSIM home page

Data Plans for Australia

Whether you're a light data user or someone who streams and surfs a lot, GlobaleSIM has a plan that's likely to fit your needs. Here’s the list of GlobaleSIM's Australia plans:

Plan Data Volume Validity Price Price/GB
1GB Plan 1GB 7 days $4 $4.0
2GB Plan 2GB 15 days $5 $2.5
3GB Plan 3GB 30 days $7 $2.33
5GB Plan 5GB 30 days $10 $2.0
20GB Plan 20GB 30 days $22 $1.1
50GB Plan 50GB 30 days $44 $0.88

*The prices are accurate as of this writing. Please visit GlobaleSIM's official website for the up-to-date information.

To make these plans even more appealing, you can get a 10% discount with the promo code "ESIMDB10".

Their Australia eSIM operates on the Optus network. Additionally, GlobaleSIM provides voice add-on options starting at $10 for 100 minutes.

Plans for Australia - GlobaleSIM

They also offer extensive Oceania plans, covering not only Australia but also New Zealand and Pacific islands like Samoa, Tonga, and Vanuatu, although these broader plans come at a higher price.


GlobaleSIM strikes an excellent balance of affordability and valuable extras, such as bundled voice services and easy purchasing. It's definitely an all-rounder pick for Australian adventures.

Note that while their service is generally reliable, be prepared for potential medium to high latency due to their roaming networks. Also, note that these plans don’t include an Australian phone number.


Nomad is known for its user-friendly and elegantly designed website and app, making it an excellent option for travelers who prioritize ease of use.

Nomad home page

It's generally more affordable compared to other popular travel eSIM services and frequently offers promotions tailored to specific countries or regions.

If you're new to Nomad and curious about how it works, check out our dedicated blog post explaining how to purchase and use their travel eSIM in the link below.

How to buy and install Nomad eSIM
This article explains how to get started with Nomad eSIM.

Data Plans for Australia

Nomad offers one of the broadest selections of data plans, so there’s something for every kind of traveler visiting Australia. Here’s a detailed look at their Regular Plans:

Plan Data Volume Validity Price Price/GB
1GB Plan 1GB 7 days $6 $6.0
2GB Plan 2GB 30 days $5 $2.5
3GB Plan 3GB 30 days $10 $3.33
5GB Plan 5GB 30 days $12 $2.4
10GB Plan 10GB 30 days $19 $1.9
15GB Plan 15GB 30 days $25 $1.67
20GB Plan 20GB 45 days $30 $1.5
30GB Plan 30GB 30 days $80 $2.67
40GB Plan 40GB 30 days $110 $2.75
50GB Plan 50GB 30 days $125 $2.5

*The prices are accurate as of this writing. Please visit Nomad's official website for the up-to-date information.

Additionally, you can save $3 on any plan by using the promo code "ESIMDB3".

Besides their Regular Plans, Nomad also offers Daily Plans which provide a specific amount of data (e.g. 1GB) each day for 1, 3, 5, 7, or 10 days. Once the daily data allotment is used up, the speed is throttled to 512kbps.

Some plans even support Optus 5G, providing (most likely) comfortable internet speeds.

Australia plans - Nomad

It's important to note that you'll need to activate any plan you purchase first to start using data. The plan validity period starting from that moment.


One of Nomad's standout strengths is their exceptional user experience across both website and mobile apps, making them one of the best in terms of UI/UX among travel eSIM services.

Using the discount code "ESIMDB3," their prices are likely to be among the most competitive in the market.

Additionally, their referral program and occasional promotions (sometimes targeting repeat customers) offer opportunities to save $ not only on your first purchase but on subsequent ones as well.

Overall, Nomad delivers a well-rounded experience with competitive pricing, an unbeatable user-friendly interface, and added perks like discounts and ongoing promotions, making them a compelling eSIM choice for Australia despite being data-only services.


MobiMatter serves almost like a marketplace for an extensive collection of prepaid eSIMs. Some of these eSIM plans are unique offerings that can't be found elsewhere.

Additionally, MobiMatter offers an extra 3% discount or cashback incentive for people who sign up and create an account. We have a dedicated blog post that explains how to purchase their eSIMs and the benefits of signing up.

Data Plans for Australia

MobiMatter offers a range of multi-country plans that are perfect for travelers needing mobile connectivity across regions, including Australia and New Zealand. Here are some of MobiMatter's eSIM plans that work in Australia:

Australia & New Zealand Plans

Plan Data Volume Validity Price Price/GB
Australia and NZ 1 GB 1GB 14 days $3.99 $3.99
Australia and NZ 3 GB 3GB 30 days $6.99 $2.33
Australia and NZ 5 GB 5GB 30 days $9.99 $2.0
Australia and NZ 10 GB 10GB 30 days $17.99 $1.8
Australia and NZ 20 GB 20GB 30 days $29.99 $1.5

US, Canada, UK, Australia, and New Zealand Plans

Plan Data Volume Validity Price Price/GB
US CA UK AU NZ 10 GB 10GB 30 days $19.99 $2.0
US CA UK AU NZ 20 GB 20GB 30 days $29.99 $1.5
US CA UK AU NZ 35 GB 35GB 365 days $39.99 $1.14

*The prices are accurate as of this writing. Please visit MobiMatter's official website for the up-to-date information.

eSIM for Australia - MobiMatter

Apart from the Australia and New Zealand plans, as well as the US, Canada, UK, Australia, and New Zealand plans listed above, MobiMatter offers numerous other roaming plans such as options for Asia, APAC, and global coverage.

For travelers heading to Australia from the US, Canada, or the UK, their "US CA UK AU NZ" plans might be particularly useful, as they can test the service in their home country before their trip.


MobiMatter stands out with its exceptional selection of multi-country plans that come at reasonable prices. The added perks of a 3% discount or cashback incentive available to those who sign up make their offerings even more attractive. However, it's worth noting that their eSIMs typically roam through Poland or Hong Kong, which might lead to slightly higher latency than local providers. Also, these are data-only plans, so you won't have access to voice calls or SMS.

Final Thoughts

While price is certainly an important factor when selecting a travel eSIM for Australia, there are several other key considerations to keep in mind.

Data allowance (GB) needs should be evaluated based on your planned internet activities and duration of travel. Data speeds are also important - though difficult to estimate beforehand, you can generally expect 4G speeds with most of the travel eSIM providers. Research which carrier networks the various eSIMs operate on to ensure mobile coverage, especially if your travels will take you to more rural or remote areas beyond just cities.

It's worth noting that data plans for Australia tend to be more affordably priced compared to other developed nations, so be sure to take advantage of the good cost per GB offered by many eSIM providers.

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The convenience of eSIMs cannot be overstated for international travel. They eliminate the hassle of physical SIM cards and provide the flexibility to switch cellular plans on the go. eSIMs also allow you to hit the ground running with data immediately upon arrival.

While this article highlighted some of the top eSIM picks, there are numerous other offerings to explore. So be sure to check out eSIMDB ( - the world's largest directory of travel eSIM providers. This comprehensive database makes it easy to compare plans side-by-side and discover even more options for your travel destination(s).

Finally, we encourage readers to pay it forward by sharing their own experiences with using eSIMs for travel in Australia. Submit a review on eSIMDB to help others make informed connectivity decisions. Your first-hand insights can be invaluable for future visitors seeking affordable and reliable eSIM solutions Down Under.

Safe travels, mate!