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eSIM data plans for Costa Rica

Multiple-country plans

Global 1days - 500MB
500MB / 1 Day

Global 3days - 1.5GB
1.5GB / 3 Days

Global 15days - 1GB
1GB / 15 Days

Global 30days - 5GB
5GB / 30 Days

Used KnowRoaming in Costa Rica

I'm not sure KnowRoaming still offer their 1Gb 30 day eSIM, but it worked very well for me over Christmas 2021. Roams on Movistar towers which are commonplace in the tourist areas I went to at least.
Still an issue (on Android at least) that you need to buy the esim on a different phone/computer in order to display the QR code so that your actual phone can then read it.

★★★★★ 5/5

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