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eSIM data plans for Mozambique

Single-country plans

Mozambique 30GB Data with Calls 30Days
30GB / 30 Days

Mozambique 5GB 10Days
5GB / 10 Days

Mozambique 10GB 15Days
10GB / 15 Days

Voice / SMS Low latency
Plan details

Multiple-country plans

Africa 5GB 10Days
5GB / 10 Days

Global 30GB Data with Calls 30Days
30GB / 30 Days

Global 50GB Data with Calls 30Days
50GB / 30 Days

Global 8GB Data Voice and Text 30Days
8GB / 30 Days

Voice / SMS
Plan details

Used Airhub in Mozambique

I used a global eSIM. Provided by Vodafone UK . When I crossed the border from South Africa to Mozambique I was calling a number in South Africa when I was logged in to a Mozambican cell a got blocked right after that. A reactivation was not possible. No compensation nothing.

★★★★ 1/5
Used Airhub in Mozambique

My card was charged but I did not receive the QR code - only a broken image link.


★★★★ 1/5

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