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eSIM data plans for Turkey

Single-country plans

Turkey 2GB 7Days
2GB / 7 Days

Turkey 5GB 15Days
5GB / 15 Days

Turkey 5GB 30Days
5GB / 30 Days

Turkey 10GB 30Days
10GB / 30 Days

Turkey 6GB Data with calls 30Days
6GB / 30 Days

Turkey 15GB Data with calls 30Days
15GB / 30 Days

Turkey Unlimited Data 10Days
Unlimited / 10 Days

Possible Throttling
Plan details
Turkey 60GB Data with calls 30Days
60GB / 30 Days

Turkey Unlimited Data 15Days
Unlimited / 15 Days

Possible Throttling
Plan details
Turkey 50GB 90 Days
50GB / 3 Days

Turkey 100GB 180 Days
100GB / 6 Days

Turkey 200GB 365 Days
200GB / 1 Day

Multiple-country plans

Eurasia 5GB 30Days
5GB / 30 Days

Eurasia 10GB 30Days
10GB / 30 Days

Eurasia 15GB 30Days
15GB / 30 Days

Global 3GB 15Days
3GB / 15 Days

Global 5GB 30Days
5GB / 30 Days

Global 10GB 30Days
10GB / 30 Days

Global 15GB 30Days
15GB / 30 Days

Abdul Zahabi
Used Airhub in Turkey

Horrible experience with Airhub. Their support is non existent. Ridiculously long wait times to hear back from anyone via email. Don't let the price or value fool you. It is not a good esim for turkey and probably other places too. One we activated the SIM it kept connecting then losing connection it kept doing that and used up data for doing absolutely nothing. Sending a message on Whatsapp took 5 mins or longer. Very unreliable, stay away. I want my money back!

★★★★ 1/5
Used Airhub in Turkey

Bought Turkey Unlimited 5 days for USD 18 and USD 0.85 for the convenience
of paying online.
Date of purchase 10/60/2023

IOS 16 activation problem, after reading the QR code activation process started but never finished. help section is useless, the activation process shown is for IOS 13, totally different from IOS 16.
Support chat: nobody to talk to, support e-mail: no response within 1 hour.

19 dollars out of the window. Not nice.

★★★★ 1/5
Used Airhub in Turkey

My experience using an Airhub eSIM in Turkey was smooth and hassle-free, as I was able to consistently access LTE speeds that exceeded those of my hotel's WiFi. There were only a few isolated areas where I experienced a lack of coverage.

★★★★★ 5/5
Used Airhub in Turkey

Rafael resolved my eSim problems quickly and with a lot of assistance. With the screenshots I shared, they were able to immediately identify my problem and Rafael fixed it,Thank you!!

★★★★★ 5/5

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