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eSIM data plans for United States of America

Single-country plans

Yesim United States 3GB
3GB / 7 Days

Yesim United States 5GB
5GB / 15 Days

Yesim United States 10GB
10GB / 30 Days

Yesim United States 20GB
20GB / 30 Days

Multiple-country plans

Yesim North America 3GB
3GB / 30 Days

Yesim North America 5GB
5GB / 30 Days

Yesim North America 10GB
10GB / 30 Days

Yesim North America 20GB
20GB / 30 Days

Yesim Global Package 3GB
3GB / 30 Days

Yesim Global Package 5GB
5GB / 30 Days

Yesim Global Package 10GB
10GB / 30 Days

Yesim Global Package 20GB
20GB / 30 Days


Time to time conection was broke.

★★★★★ 3/5

It is a very valuable service! My first experience was when I bought a 10GB package for Italy while having a vacation there. The internet was really fast and I was able to stay connected all the time.
However, I want to share that when I had my next trip to the USA, I bought a small package for 3GBs and after that activated "Pay as You Go". I have just refilled my balance for 20EUR and activated this international plan. It is really easy to use and the automatic switch between countries was very convenient, I had not worried about data expiration. I have activated the plan and paid only for used GBs. After returning home, I still have 5EUR on my account that I will definitely use during my next trip.

★★★★★ 5/5

it was easy and the installation process was very fast, with just a few clicks. The price is great taking to account that the bonus code gave me a discount for the first purchase. Highly recommended!

★★★★★ 5/5

I am Ukrainian and last 12 months I have been forced to travel a lot around the world. One friend of mine gave me a recommendation about Yesim.app, I've tried in Europe first and then in Miami. I am delighted with the service. I used to have so much pain because of local sims and roaming, but now everything is good. The prices are a little bit higher. Support is working perfectly.

★★★★★ 5/5

Downloaded but never activated. Wasted money

★★★★ 1/5

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