eSIM data plans for China

Single-country plans

China 1GB
1GB / 7 Days

China 3GB
3GB / 30 Days

China 5GB
5GB / 30 Days

China 10GB
10GB / 30 Days

China 20GB
20GB / 30 Days

China 30GB
30GB / 60 Days

Multiple-country plans

Asia-Pacific Plus 1GB
1GB / 7 Days

Asia-Pacific Plus 3GB
3GB / 30 Days

Asia-Pacific Plus 5GB
5GB / 30 Days

Asia-Pacific Plus 10GB
10GB / 30 Days

Global 1GB
1GB / 7 Days

Global 3GB
3GB / 30 Days

Global 5GB
5GB / 30 Days

Global 10GB
10GB / 30 Days

Used Textr eSIM in Hong Kong, China

Dude, if you're headed to China or Hong Kong, you gotta check out Textr eSIM's data plan. I used it on a work trip recently and it was freakin' awesome. The network was super fast and reliable, even in the middle of nowhere. Setting it up was a breeze, and the pricing was totally reasonable. Plus, their customer support was super helpful whenever I had a question or needed assistance. Overall, if you want to stay connected and get stuff done on your trip, Textr eSIM's China and Hong Kong Data Plan is the way to go. Highly recommend.

★★★★★ 5/5

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