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eSIM data plans for France

Multiple-country plans

Orion: USA + EU
100MB / 365 Days

Orion: USA + EU
1GB / 365 Days

Orion: USA + EU
5GB / 365 Days

Orion: USA + EU
10GB / 365 Days

Orion: USA + EU
25GB / 365 Days

Orion: USA + EU
50GB / 365 Days

Used Keepgo in France

Excellent speed on Android. Used in France, Switzerland, and Germany. Big problem though. You lose internet access when changing country. Even after phone reset, internet does not come back until you connect to a WiFi hotspot. Inconvenient when on the road. Also, teetering (shared connection) never properly worked. Use another provider if you travel to different countries or if you need to share a connection.

★★★★★ 3/5

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