eSIM data plans for United States of America

Single-country plans

United States 1GB 7Days
1GB / 7 Days

United states 3GB 30 Days
3GB / 30 Days

United States 5GB 30 days
5GB / 30 Days

United States 10GB 30 days
10GB / 30 Days

United States 15GB 30 days
15GB / 30 Days

Multiple-country plans

Global 6GB Data
6GB / 10 Days

Used Airhub in United States of America

I purchased the 15GB, 30 Day, $30 eSim. A day later Airhub contacted me saying that there technical issue from the carrier end and they would issue me a refund. They only issued me a partial refund of $28, claiming that the $2 service fee was non-refundable. Not sure why this is the case when it was an issue on their end. Sounds like a scam to me.

★★★★ 1/5
Used Airhub in United States of America

They offer a lot of choice in terms of pricing and duration and have eSIM cards for USA . Now that I've used it a few times, I'm extremely happy with it. The customer service is also very quick and responsive.

★★★★★ 5/5

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