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eSIM data plans for Japan

Single-country plans

Japan 3GB 15Days
3GB / 15 Days

Voice / SMS Low latency
Plan details
Japan 5GB 30Days
5GB / 30 Days

Japan 10GB 30Days
10GB / 30 Days

Japan 20GB 30Days
20GB / 30 Days

Japan 30GB 30Days
30GB / 30 Days

Japan 50GB 30Days
50GB / 30 Days

Japan 25GB 90 Days
25GB / 90 Days

Voice / SMS Low latency
Plan details

Multiple-country plans

Global 8GB Data Voice and Text 30Days
8GB / 30 Days

Voice / SMS
Plan details

Used Airhub in Japan

I purchased AirHub Japan for a 30-day period, although I ended up traveling for less than 30 days but more than 7 days. However, when I turned on the line, I didn't receive any data. I contacted AirHub support via email and received a response within half a day. The support team listed everything I needed to do, except for turning on roaming, which I had overlooked. Once I turned on roaming, I was able to get data in Tokyo. AirHub support also inquired about my destinations in Japan outside of Tokyo. Despite traveling to very remote areas, I was able to get a connection with no issues, and the AirHub support team continuously followed up with me via email for several days. As a low-tech person, I appreciated the excellent level of support I received, and I'm grateful that AirHub eSIM worked so well in Japan. I hope that AirHub will continue to perform well in other countries. Thank you, AirHub, for the great service!

★★★★ 4/5

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