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eSIM data plans for Spain

Single-country plans

Spain 2GB 7Days
2GB / 7 Days

Spain 3GB 30 Days
3GB / 30 Days

Spain 10GB 30 Days
10GB / 30 Days

Spain 6GB Data with calls 30Days
6GB / 30 Days

Spain 5GB 30 Days
5GB / 30 Days

Spain 15GB Data with calls 30Days
15GB / 30 Days

Spain 50GB Data with Calls 30 Days
50GB / 30 Days

Spain 250GB Data with Calls Monthly
250GB / month
$30.00/mo /month

Subscription Voice / SMS
Plan details
Spain Unlimited Data with Calls Monthly
Unlimited / month
$32.00/mo /month

Subscription Voice / SMS Low latency Possible Throttling
Plan details
Spain Unlimited Data with Calls 30Days
Unlimited / 30 Days

Voice / SMS Low latency Possible Throttling
Plan details

Multiple-country plans

Europe 3GB 30Days
3GB / 30 Days

Europe 5GB 30Days
5GB / 30 Days

Europe 10GB 30Days
10GB / 30 Days

Europe 40GB Data with Calls 15Days
40GB / 15 Days

Europe 50GB Monthly
50GB / month
$30.00/mo /month

Subscription Voice / SMS
Plan details
Europe 75GB Data with Calls 30Days
75GB / 30 Days

Voice / SMS
Plan details
Europe 300GB 5G Internet Data 15Days
300GB / 15 Days

Europe 50GB Data with Calls 30Days
50GB / 30 Days

Europe 300GB 5G Internet Data 30Days
300GB / 30 Days

Europe 65GB Data with Calls 30Days
65GB / 30 Days

Voice / SMS
Plan details
Europe Unlimited 30Days
Unlimited / 30 Days

Possible Throttling
Plan details
Global 30GB Data with Calls 30Days
30GB / 30 Days

Global 50GB Data with Calls 30Days
50GB / 30 Days

Global Free esim 100MB
100MB / 30 Days

Global 3GB 15Days
3GB / 15 Days

Global 5GB 30Days
5GB / 30 Days

Global 10GB 30Days
10GB / 30 Days

Global 15GB 30Days
15GB / 30 Days

Used Airhub in Spain

Esim had cellular connection but internet is not working. Support didn't response (it is more than 36 hours passed).

★★★★ 1/5
Used Airhub in Spain

TLDR: AirHub are "Legal" scammers.

We ordered a Global Esim for Europe, for 30 days 50 GB.
I was in Madrid at the time, and the sim was very crucial for us as we are traveling in a motorhome so needed it for finding proper place to sleep and park, proper places to drive through (the van is big), and of course Navigation among other things.

2 days in, when we passed near Andorra, the phone automatically connected to a network from there and went offline.
Since then, we were unable to connect to any network in France\Italy or anywhere else.
Upon contacting Airhub, we received a response:

"The plan was triggered by connecting to the wrong network, causing it to be blocked by the carrier. Once it is blocked, we cannot unblock the line."
Of course they said that it is written in the conditions, which it may very well be, which basically covers them from helping their customers in any case:

"We clearly mentioned the possibility of blockage in the additional information provided during the purchase of the plan."

We requested it be unblocked - they said they can't.
We asked for a refund - they said they can't.
We even asked them to give us a new sim instead (this one was 2 days in from the 30 promised) - they said they can't.

And believe me when I say that we tried our luck multiple times talking to them.

After presenting them with an ultimatum - Refund or a truthfull review and complaint, they offered some sort of voucher, which we refused as the we find it more important to help travelers avoid getting scammed and getting into dangerous situations - we immediately bought another sim, local, and the only problem for us was lost 30 Euros, going the wrong way a couple times, inconvenience talking to the families, and a missed business meeting. For others, in remote places this could present real danger if basing their travels on reception.

We have used Airalo before, and they worked great, so I would recommend them.

Upon reading some reviews, it seems AirHub are using some sketchy technology not aimed for Esim at all and this is causing many of the problems.

And thus, without doubt, this company is a danger for travelers and anyone dependant on a mobile device (who doesn't?), and I strongly recommend avoiding them.

We have screenshots of the conversations and are filing a complaint, hopefully we will manage to stop the scamming.

★★★★ 1/5
Used Airhub in Greece, Spain

Did not have a great experience with Airhub. They had multiple sets of instructions which conflicted with each other. Both instructions said to change the APN from the default configuration but had different values for what to change it to. Internet connection would sometimes stop working entirely *regardless* of what I set it to in Spain, and in Greece only seemed to work when I reset it to the default (not either of the values from the instructions).

Good price per GB, but not that valuable if it doesn't work. I don't plan to use Airhub again in the future.

★★★★★ 2/5
Used Airhub in Spain

Used for my Spain vacation. Excellent connectivity & value for money. Highly recommended.

★★★★★ 5/5

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