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eSIM data plans for France

Single-country plans

France 2GB 7Days
2GB / 7 Days

France 3GB 30 Days
3GB / 30 Days

France 5GB 30 Days
5GB / 30 Days

France 10GB 30 Days
10GB / 30 Days

France 40GB Data with Calls 15Days
40GB / 15 Days

France 75GB Data with Calls 30Days
75GB / 30 Days

Voice / SMS Low latency
Plan details

Multiple-country plans

Europe 50GB Monthly
50GB / month
$30.00/mo /month

Subscription Voice / SMS
Plan details
Europe 300GB 5G Internet Data 15Days
300GB / 15 Days

Europe 50GB Data with Calls 30Days
50GB / 30 Days

Europe 300GB 5G Internet Data 30Days
300GB / 30 Days

Europe 65GB Data with Calls 30Days
65GB / 30 Days

Voice / SMS
Plan details
Europe Unlimited 30Days
Unlimited / 30 Days

Possible Throttling
Plan details
Global 30GB Data with Calls 30Days
30GB / 30 Days

Global 50GB Data with Calls 30Days
50GB / 30 Days

Global Free esim 100MB
100MB / 30 Days

Global 3GB 15Days
3GB / 15 Days

Global 5GB 30Days
5GB / 30 Days

Global 10GB 30Days
10GB / 30 Days

Global 15GB 30Days
15GB / 30 Days

Global 8GB Data Voice and Text 30Days
8GB / 30 Days

Voice / SMS
Plan details

Used Airhub in France

We switched from another carrier due to high cost and bad customer service. When we started with Airhub, better customer service and The plans were much cheaper than our previous provider. and we sure do appreciate the service, Thanks for great service. Keep up the good work.

★★★★★ 5/5
Used Airhub in France

Bought 10gb for 30 days for France. I have been given a Polish number instead of a French +33 number and the speeds are less than 1mb/s, so ridiculously slow and barely useful for data roaming. When contacting them for help they replied by getting my name wrong and telling me to enable data roaming… as if I hadn’t had thought of that before?


★★★★ 1/5
Used Airhub in France

After the esim wasn't able to be added to the phone, the support solved the issue, but when I arrived to France the esim didn't work. I tried contacting the support but it said they were 'sleeping' and to leave a message. I left it but no one returned after a week. Had to buy another esim from different company

★★★★ 1/5

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