eSIM data plans for Japan

Single-country plans

Unlimited / 30 Days
Unlimited data, 30 days

Possible Throttling
Plan details

Multiple-country plans

350MB / 1 Day
350MB full speed, 64Kb/s afterwards

Unlimited / 1 Day
Unlimited traffic for 24 Hours

Possible Throttling
Plan details
2 GB
2GB / 7 Days
2 GB for 7 Days

4 GB
4GB / 14 Days
4 GB for 14 Days

10 GB
10GB / 30 Days
10 GB for 30 Days

Used MTX Connect in Japan

I purchased the "Unlimited" 30-day plan, It turned out to be misleading. Once I exceeded 1GB of data usage in a day, the speed throttled down to 250-500Kbps.
There isn't any clear mention of this limit.

The latency remains relatively low since the internet breakout is located in Singapore.

~1GB per day at full speed for 50EUR is very expensive, I wouldn't recommend this plan.

The purchase/installation was straightforward.

★★★★★ 2/5

Perfect, reliable and flawless experience in all countries with good 4G speeds (15-25mbps)!
I used the „pay as you go“ plan!
Easy to choose and switch via the app.
Refill/prepay is also done via the app! The only minor catch, minimum refill amount is 10€ and it‘s 10€ steps from here (10,20,30...)
Overall really good experience!!

★★★★★ 5/5

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